From pirates to promotions, Lanyards past, present and future!

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Here at Promotions Only, we have a keen interest in history. People. Places. Dates. Important events. That kind of thing. That being the case, we found ourselves reading about French sailors, pirates and naval skirmishes from the 1500s a little earlier this morning. The reason for sharing this? It’s remarkable really. You see, it fascinated ... [ Read More ]

Be proud and promote (but don’t be a boast) . . .

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Here at Promotions Only, we don’t believe in boasting. Showing off? It’s just not for us. That said, there are certain things that we do better than most. Take our Silicone Wristbands, for instance. More colours. More styles. More materials. More choices. Is it boastful to point out such things? Given that the team here ... [ Read More ]

Promotional Products? Be memorable & make an impression!

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You might not be familiar with William Bernbach, but for anyone interested in advertising, his is a name that carries significant weight. He worked in New York, establishing (in 1949) his own agency, one that soon become revered amongst the industry’s major players. The creative director, his campaigns became legends and his influence all-pervading. In ... [ Read More ]

Got a question? Let’s Talk!

Visited our website recently? The eagle-eyed amongst our audience might have noticed a newly-installed feature. It’s one we’re VERY excited about. It’s titled Let’s Talk. Its function is quite explanatory . . . Let’s Talk means that during regular office hours, when we’re at our desks and online, we’re able to answer quick questions and ... [ Read More ]
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