Our WRISTBAND resolutions? To meet all YOUR needs in 2018!

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Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions. The New Year period is all about doing things differently. Making changes. Implementing improvement. To diet. To lifestyle. To attitude. To outlook. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. Change. There’s just something in the air right now. Here at Promotions Only, we’ve made our own New Year’s Resolutions (although for now, we’re ... [ Read More ]

For anyone needing LANYARDS in 2018, THIS is the place to come!

We know, we know. We should have said this before now. Happy New Year. It’s better late than never. In all fairness, we’ve been snowed under (not literally) during the post-Christmas period. Getting everything organised for 2018. Preparing to resume operations at Promotions Only HQ. Catching up on outstanding admin. Ensuring that we’re up to ... [ Read More ]

Christmas Promotional Products? We have EVERYTHING!

The other day, someone asked us a question. Did we, said person enquired, have anything in our Promotional Product range suitable for a Christmas marketing campaign? Our response? Let’s just say that we almost choked on our mulled wine. Did we have anything?  Not really . . . You see, in the interests of precision, ... [ Read More ]
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