Forgotten the Lanyards?! Don’t panic . . .

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You forgot to order the lanyards?! Don’t panic. These things happen. Your event is fast approaching? It’s this weekend? It’s in a couple of days? It’s TOMORROW?!!! You’re busy, we get that, with a great deal to organise and remember . . . It’s inevitable that, from time to time, something important is overlooked. That’s ... [ Read More ]

When it comes to Wristbands, we’re proud to be know-it-alls . . .

There’s a lot to learn about Wristbands. The difference between Embossed and Debossed, for instance. Or what the heck is Paper Tyvek? How long it takes to process an order. How much it all costs. Whether to choose Plastic or Vinyl . . . Or whether Silicone is harmful to the environment (it’s not). The ... [ Read More ]

Take note and YOUR business could end up going global this summer . . .

PROM lugg
Preparing to take a break? To go away? To have a holiday? The inclement conditions might make it hard to believe, but summer is in full swing . . . This means that, for the shrewd, marketing opportunities abound. Your clients and customers will be heading for their holidays in the coming weeks and, with ... [ Read More ]

Make a difference and the rewards are sure to follow . . .

PROM usbs1
Ever spend time out and about and on the road? Reliant on a smartphone and/or tablet? Find keeping gadget batteries charged a constant challenge? You’re far from alone. Our working habits have changed and for countless business people up and down the UK, being able to remain available and in the loop, whilst also on ... [ Read More ]

Can’t decide which Lanyard to choose? Go compare . . .

Here at Promotions Only, we like to give our customers options. Choice is our thing . . . This means our range is ENORMOUS. Take our Lanyards, for instance. There are Plain, Pre-Printed, Printed and Promotional. There are Express and Eco-Friendly . . . There are Retractable and there are Woven. Then there are all ... [ Read More ]
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