#RecycleWeek 2017?! This is right up our street . . .

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There has been a great deal popping up on our Twitter feed about the environment over the last 24 hours or so. Increasing awareness and reducing waste; that kind of thing . . . Upon further investigation, we discovered that it’s Recycle Week 2017. Such an initiative – and all that it entails – is ... [ Read More ]

Keen on quality? It doesn’t get much better than this!

Quality. For us all here at Promotions Only, and for anyone determined to ensure complete customer/client satisfaction, it’s an all-important consideration. Providing a product or a service? Being the best is what sets competitors apart. It’s something that runs through our entire organisation, from the absolute top to the absolute bottom. In our customer service ... [ Read More ]

Lanyards, Quark or Cambozola: What’s YOUR essential item?

Quark. Coconut Milk. Cambozola. Tinned artichoke hearts. Chamomile Soap. Halloumi. Green pitted olives. These are all – according to one major UK retailer, at least – all indispensable items for shoppers these days, so much so that they’ve just been added to the said supermarket’s newly-rebranded Essentials range. This has, perhaps predictably, led to a ... [ Read More ]

Great Promotional Products? These are set to stand the test of time!

The best Promotional Products stand the test of time. The Branded Brollies and Beanie Hats. The Mugs and the Mouse Mats. The Promotional Pens and Pencils. These are all items that: a) Have been listed on our website FOREVER; and . . . b) Should continue to feature amongst the most popular products in our ... [ Read More ]
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