The World Cup? Forget the football, it’s the Lanyards that we love!

Enjoying the World Cup? Us too! You’ll no doubt be keeping a close eye on England’s exploits, with Gareth Southgate’s side having exceeded expectations already. For us, however, the highlight has come off the pitch. Yes, as strange as this might sound, we can’t keep our eyes off the crowd . . . It’s all ... [ Read More ]

Baking. Boiling. Roasting. Sweltering. Scorchio — and then some . . .

Phew! What a week! Has it been hot? Has it ever? Baking. Boiling. Roasting. Sweltering. Scorchio — and then some . . . #Heatwave trending on Social Media, Summer up and running in no uncertain fashion. This is it . . . Britain at its best = outdoor living = marketing opportunities galore. Our NEW Outdoors ... [ Read More ]

Our latest innovation? This website!

Here at Promotions Only, we’re always innovating. Looking for the latest. Striving for improvement. Seeking an advantage – both for ourselves and for our clients and customers. In sporting parlance, it’s called marginal gains . . . Never standing still, analysing everything, doing all that is possible to do. It’s something that, we believe, sets ... [ Read More ]

Our industry’s innovation knows no bounds!

Here at Promotions Only, we’ve been busy. Keeping abreast of developments. Sourcing the latest Promotional Products. Adding them to our ever-expanding range. It’s a never-ending assignment, for our industry’s innovation knows no bounds. Take the latest items to be added to our website, for instance. Comprising our NEW Express Promotional Tech range, these are all ... [ Read More ]
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