Be prepared, get ahead and the benefits are incalculable . . .

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There can be no questioning the fact that autumn is upon us . . . It’s getting darker earlier. The conditions are becoming ever-more blustery. Halloween, Bonfire Night and, yes, even Christmas, the shelves in the shops are beginning to reflect that 2016 is fast approaching an end. It hasn’t got cold. Yet. But forward-planning ... [ Read More ]

Promotional Products are for life, not just for #PPWeek . . .

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost at an end . . . Promotional Products Week 2016, that is. Like all the best things in life, it has flown past. #PPWeek has been – from our perspective, at least – an overwhelming success, an invaluable exercise that has, once again, got more and more people ... [ Read More ]

The most popular Promotional Products? We stock the lot!

You might not realise it but, when it comes to Promotional Products, there is a long-established pecking order. Certain Branded Gifts and Goods are just more popular than others . . . For those in the know, such information is invaluable. There is no point embarking on a marketing campaign using Promotional Products that are ... [ Read More ]

Promotional Products Week 2016: Get involved and make some noise!

It all starts next week . . . First thing on Monday, to be precise. Promotional Products Week 2016 and all that it entails. It’s all VERY exciting. The #PPWeek team sent out instructions this morning urging all interested parties to ‘Get involved and make some noise’. Here at Promotions Only, we’ve been shouting it ... [ Read More ]

Be loud and be proud! It’s (almost) Promotional Products Week . . .

There’s less than ONE MONTH TO GO until┬áPromotional Products Week 2016 . . . Excited? Talk about an understatement. Given our passion for all things promotional, this is an occasion that has long been ringed in red on the office calendar . . . The chance to raise our industry’s profile on a national scale. ... [ Read More ]

Eye-catching and classy? You can’t beat a little bling . . .

prom glitter
You might not think it to look at us, but here at Promotions Only, we LOVE a little bling. Standing out. Being noticed. Making an impression. Given that our business is marketing-based, such things are rather important to us. It’s not about being flash or showing off (far from it, in fact). You see, it’s ... [ Read More ]
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