Lanyards for all! Give us YOUR vote . . .

Late night last night. Glued to the television. The election eventful. The coverage gripping. The result a turn up for the books, the drama unquestionable, no-one expected this. For all involved, an occasion to remember always (for reasons wide and varied). No matter your political persuasion (and all are entitled to their thoughts, views and ... [ Read More ]

Summer? Unlike the weather, we CAN be relied upon!

So it’s summer . . . allegedly. Flash flooding. Enough rain to last an entire month falling in a single day. Wet socks at work. That kind of thing. It’s par for the course really. Unlike our Promotional Products, the not-so-great British weather cannot be relied upon. It’s for this reason that our Outdoors Range ... [ Read More ]

Partnerships, Passion & Promotional Products!

Promotional Products are our passion here. Our business is built upon them. Our lives revolve around them. Our futures depend on them. From the smallest items in our range (our Promotional Pens, for instance, or our Mouse Mats and Magnets), to the more extravagant items (such as our Branded BBQ Sets, Baskets and Hampers), we ... [ Read More ]
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