Branded Stationery? Popular, useful and certain to be well-received!

Here at Promotions Only, we’ve spent recent days celebrating. It’s National Stationery Week, you see . . . For the team here, this is an occasion to savour. It’s not quite as special as Promotional Products Week (an annual event that takes place each September) perhaps . . . But other than National Tea Day ... [ Read More ]

Need Lanyards? We’re always happy to help!

prom staff
Thinking about investing in Lanyards? Good idea! Planning to order from Promotions Only? Sensible choice! Not quite sure where to start? No problem! Because our range is rather large (HUGE in fact) this is an issue we encounter all the time. It’s for just this reason that we’re always happy to answer queries and questions from clients ... [ Read More ]

Spring marketing? Our Branded Brollies make for fabulous freebies!

It’s a strange season, Spring. One minute, blazing sun. The next, ominous-looking clouds. Rain is always possible. It’s such an unpredictable time. It’s perhaps for this reason that our Promotional Branded Umbrellas prove so popular during the fickle months that are sandwiched between Winter and Summer. No-one likes to be caught in a shower, after ... [ Read More ]

Sweet success! Easter is almost upon us

It’s almost upon us once again. Easter, that is. This means there is much for us to look forward to . . . The Bank Holidays. The long weekends. Fingers crossed, the warmer weather. The chocolate (and other sweet treats)? This goes without saying. It’s the best bit (for us, at least), the highlight and something to ... [ Read More ]

From pirates to promotions, Lanyards past, present and future!

prom lan
Here at Promotions Only, we have a keen interest in history. People. Places. Dates. Important events. That kind of thing. That being the case, we found ourselves reading about French sailors, pirates and naval skirmishes from the 1500s a little earlier this morning. The reason for sharing this? It’s remarkable really. You see, it fascinated ... [ Read More ]
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