Be loud and be proud! It’s (almost) Promotional Products Week . . .

There’s less than ONE MONTH TO GO until┬áPromotional Products Week 2016 . . . Excited? Talk about an understatement. Given our passion for all things promotional, this is an occasion that has long been ringed in red on the office calendar . . . The chance to raise our industry’s profile on a national scale. ... [ Read More ]

Eye-catching and classy? You can’t beat a little bling . . .

prom glitter
You might not think it to look at us, but here at Promotions Only, we LOVE a little bling. Standing out. Being noticed. Making an impression. Given that our business is marketing-based, such things are rather important to us. It’s not about being flash or showing off (far from it, in fact). You see, it’s ... [ Read More ]

When it comes to Lanyards, we have Olympic-sized ambitions . . .

Enjoying The Olympics?┬áThere’s so much to admire . . . The talent. The dedication. The scenery. The sport. The thrills and the spills. The action and the unexpected. Team GB’s medal haul is impressive and, we reckon, there’s still much more to come. Yet for us, nothing listed above can be considered the highlight thus ... [ Read More ]

Forgotten the Lanyards?! Don’t panic . . .

prom lan
You forgot to order the lanyards?! Don’t panic. These things happen. Your event is fast approaching? It’s this weekend? It’s in a couple of days? It’s TOMORROW?!!! You’re busy, we get that, with a great deal to organise and remember . . . It’s inevitable that, from time to time, something important is overlooked. That’s ... [ Read More ]

When it comes to Wristbands, we’re proud to be know-it-alls . . .

There’s a lot to learn about Wristbands. The difference between Embossed and Debossed, for instance. Or what the heck is Paper Tyvek? How long it takes to process an order. How much it all costs. Whether to choose Plastic or Vinyl . . . Or whether Silicone is harmful to the environment (it’s not). The ... [ Read More ]
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