5 Branded Water Bottles for surviving the summer . . .

PROM bottle
Heard about the heatwave? It’s not here just yet, but forecasters expect it to arrive quite soon. It’s due, in no small part, to El Niño and La Niña, these weather patterns emanating in Africa that are expected to have global consequences. The highest temperature ever recorded in the UK is a sweltering 38.5C . . ... [ Read More ]

Get ahead this summer: 5 hats for marvellous marketing . . .

Screenshot (1)
In recent times, we’ve talked a lot on our blog about the marketing opportunities that present themselves in summer. You’ll have to excuse us, but we’ve decided to continue the theme. You see, so great are the warmer months for spreading brand awareness and putting a business, event or organisation on the map, it can’t ... [ Read More ]

5 reasons to make Promotions Only YOUR official lanyard supplier . . .

prom weave1
So let’s talk Lanyards for a moment . . . Here at Promotions Only, we supply/sell them, that much is long established. In making this our business, we’re not alone (far from it, in fact). So why, given all the options available, do our clients and customers keep coming back to us? The reasons are legion ... [ Read More ]
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