The Good, the Bad and the Ugly? We have Lanyards for all!

Ever seen The Good, the Bad and the Ugly? First screened in 1966 (we’re showing our age here), it has long ranked amongst our all-time favourite films. Sergio Leone; the classic Spaghetti Western; an epic Ennio Morricone soundtrack; Clint Eastwood . . . Taking such things into account, what’s not to like? You might be ... [ Read More ]

Trendsetters? Make no mistake, we’re fashionable people!

Here at Promotions Only, we’re often asked about clothing and getting the latest look. It’s no surprise really . . . Make no mistake about it, we’re fashionable people. Trendsetters? You’ll never find us strutting along the catwalks at London, Paris or New York, it’s true . . . But when it comes to Branded ... [ Read More ]

Marketing in a storm? Better bring out the Beanies!

The advice that we’re about to give might appear to go against the grain somewhat. But bear with us on this one . . . On such matters, we know what we’re talking about. The aforementioned advice? It’s in relation to an ever-popular Promotional Product, our brilliant Branded Brollies. Normally, we advise those keen to ... [ Read More ]

Marketing emergency? Take the autumn approach!

You’ll know, from reading previous posts on our blog, that when it comes to recommending Promotional Products, we like to keep a close eye on the calendar. For marketing in the summer months? Branded BBQ Sets and Sunglasses are best . . . For winter campaigns? Choose Thermal Flasks and Beanie Hats. Simple but effective, ... [ Read More ]

Time to give thanks; it’s Promotional Products Week!

It’s that time again: Promotional Products Week 2017 . . . Something to celebrate? For sure! For reasons that could not be more obvious, this is an annual event that is right up our street. It’s something that has been ringed on the office calendar here for quite some time (almost 12 months, in fact) ... [ Read More ]
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