Fake news? In Promotions Only, you can trust!

Facts and statistics are everywhere. Not all can be relied upon. In this — the so-called Fake News Era — finding a reputable source is everything. Here at Promotions Only, we don’t trust just anyone. That being the case, the statistic that we’re about to share is one to believe in. You see, it comes ... [ Read More ]

Stuck in traffic? Here’s the silver lining!

Earlier this morning, we found ourselves stuck. In the car. In traffic. In a jam. Tailbacks. Roadworks.┬áRunning late (again). No fun whatsoever. Such scenarios are not uncommon. You’ll sympathise, we’re sure. So not the best start to our day, but there is a silver lining . . . You see, whilst waiting in what felt ... [ Read More ]

Shopping for Promotional Products? Think about priorities!

Reorganising things here. Moving items around. Thinking about priorities. Take our Outdoors Range, for instance. Figuring out the Promotional Products that are most useful. Not, with autumn upon us and winter hot on its heels, our Branded BBQs, Sunglasses, Beach Balls and Cooler Bags (although such items are available all-year-round). These — and all our ... [ Read More ]

Doing our bit now, during Recycle Week, and forever more!

It’s a big week for us here. Because a cause close to our hearts is being celebrated. Because an action that matters a great deal is being encouraged. That cause? That action? Recycling. Because preserving and protecting the environment is important to us. Because we’re proud to be playing our part. That being the case, ... [ Read More ]

Simple, versatile & effective: harnessing the humble Lanyard!

Something we read this week: That a major UK supermarket has launched an initiative in an attempt to help customers with hidden disabilities. This both touched our hearts and struck a chord here. The reason for our piqued interest? That the initiative in question is based around the humble Lanyard. That tool so simple, so ... [ Read More ]

Need a high-performance Promotional Product? It’s time to get ahead!

There’s a definite chill in the air this morning. Starting to feel more and more autumnal, we’re preparing for a peak period on the Promotional Products calendar. There’s no question that it’s almost that time once again. Time to get ahead. Branded Beanie Season. The Promotional Product that continues to outperform others, time and time ... [ Read More ]
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